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The Bible is God's Word to all people. It was written by humans under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Because it is God-inspired, it is true, without error, and applies to us today.


There is just one true God. He is great, all-powerful, all-knowing, present everywhere, holy, and yet, our Father and friend. He is kind, loving, good, faithful, compassionate, and keeps His promises. God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit are three-in-one, making up the Trinity.


Jesus is the son of God and was human and deity all in one. God sent His Son, Jesus, to the earth as part of His plan to redeem mankind back into right relationship with Him. Jesus was perfect, and died on a cross, then resurrected from the dead, to conquer sin so that we might have eternal life.


After Jesus's death, believers were left with Holy Spirit to guide and protect us. He is what many would identify as a "still small voice" who gives us direction, convicts us when we sin, comforts us, and makes us more like Jesus.


Man was created by God, to look like God's image and to be in relationship with God. But because of sin, a separation exists between God and man. Man cannot bridge that separation on his own. 


Man's only hope of reuniting with God and receiving forgiveness for sin is through the shed blood of Jesus. A man receives salvation, or is saved, when he believes, by faith, that Jesus died for his sins and was resurrected for his freedom from sin. Salvation is a free gift, and cannot be earned by anything we do.​ 


Globally, the church is made up of those who believe in Jesus. Locally, the church is a community of unified believers committed to the teachings of Jesus, obeying His commands, and sharing Him with those who do not know Him yet.

If you have any questions about our core beliefs, please send us an e-mail and our team will get back to you!

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