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James Seiler, (President) the founder of The Authentic Movement, is a friend of God, husband, father and serves all people as a pastor, mentor and coach. With 25+ years of pastoring experience in youth ministries, college ministries, and as a senior pastor over two church plants, James has plenty of ministry experience to equip him for the journey ahead and is excited about launching the Authentic Church weekend services in February 23', alongside his wife and fellow dreamers.

Dr. Jason Yarbrough, (Chair of the Board) is the senior pastor of Hope Church in Algood, TN. Jason is a husband, father and grandfather who has 30 years of ministry experience as a worship leader and senior pastor. Along with having a Ph.D. in organizational leadership, Jason and his wife are ordained ministers with the Assemblies of God. 


IMPORTANT NOTE: The board of The Authentic Movement, and of Authentic Church, is the current board of Hope Church in Algood TN.  In partnership with the Assemblies of God, they oversee this ministry.  For more information, please visit their web-site!

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