"A Life of Significance" Ministry Cohort

Now, more than ever, we need one another!  We are living in challenging times, the likes that many of us have never seen.  Along the way, many of us have lost the desire for significance and are doing just enough to survive... but no more!  In this 6 month cohort, specifically designed for those serving in ministry, we will seek to encourage one another, work on defining the life of significance and retrace the divine pathway that Nehemiah demonstrated, which leads to eternal significance. 
It's going to be transformative and we want you to be apart of it!

Our Goal:  To provide insights on what is required to live a life of eternal significance, while receiving the encouragement to get there!

Our Approach:  For this cohort (Jan-June), we plan to offer the following: 

  • Monthly 90-minute Zoom calls on the last Wednesday of the month

    • If you are unable to attend, a copy of the conversation will be posted online

  • Offer everyone a 30-minute monthly coaching conversation, should you desire it

  • Share teaching videos, documents and resources to encourage you on the journey

  • Finally, we will plan to offer further availability for coaching via phone calls, texts or e-mail and will connect regularly through a Facebook Messenger Chat

Your Involvement: We are not asking a lot from you, except to read through the book of Nehemiah, participate in the online chat, engage in the monthly Zoom calls and encourage others as you see fit!  


Together, let's rediscover what a life of significance looks like, what steps we need to take to get there and encourage one another in our pursuit.  If you are ready, let's start our journey together... shall we?



A Simple Definition

February's Video

The Next Few Principles From Nehemiah's Story

“A life of significance is experienced as we walk with Jesus, making the most of our God given resources, so that we might fully obey what He asks of us and respond to His leading in a way that honors Him!"
The results are up to Him...


Please feel free to contact me anytime, as I would love to support you on
your ministry journey!