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Why You Need a TRIBE

Who are you doing life with?

To rephrase, who are you in relationship with, growing in God with, laughing with, being held accountable by, sharing biblical discoveries with and enjoying life’s blessings with? For most people, they don’t have an answer for that, or they may have one or two people they connect with, but they are not doing life with them. Kingdom life that is! Not only does the Bible call us to live in community with one another, because this is where real individual transformation takes place, but authentic community truly makes the world a better place. Friends, we need one another more than we even realize!

Why You Need a TRIBE:

  • For a safe place to pursue your true identity in Christ

  • For healthy biblical communities that encourage your personal growth

  • For deeper personal relationships that hold you accountable in your faith journey

  • For an environment that encourages discussion and your theological discovery

  • For the opportunity to exercise your gifts and introduce people to Christ

At the Authentic Movement, we believe strongly in the roles of TRIBES and highly recommend it to everyone! In our TRIBES, we break bread together, study the word with one another, worship God, enjoy life with others, serve our community, and so much more. Our TRIBES are the core of who we are, and we are committed to providing safe places and healthy environments for God-centered groups to meet in. Today, I pray that you find your TRIBE and start living life the way God intended it!

For more info on the TRIBES we have going, visit our TRIBES page. We look forward to hearing from you soon and doing life together!


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