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He Left Behind His Fingerprints

Who doesn't love a good cop show? I know that I do! I get into it, laboring to figure out who done it before they reveal it at the end of the show, right after that final commercial. While watching the show, I pay careful attention to the "little details", that might give it away. Sure enough, if you pay close enough attention, you will see something that just gives it away! It happens every time...

... and with that, I want to highlight a very important reality, that the enemy of our soul has been on the scene! As a pastor, I get asked often as to whether I think the enemy is or was involved in something. And I always tell them the same thing, "did you see or feel the clue that he leaves behind whenever he is on the scene?" If so, you can rest assure that the enemy was involved. So, what is that clue you might ask? Well, every time the enemy appears he leaves behind one aspect of his presence and that evidence is FEAR! It never fails! Anytime the enemy shows up, you will always experience fear. It's the residue that he leaves behind every time that he interacts with the people of God. For God has created us to be aware of the spiritual realm and you will feel it every time he is around. Personally, I believe it is a gift from God, but you may disagree. Every time I feel my "spidey senses" go up, it allows me to be on guard to what the enemy is up to, and for that, I am truly grateful. It helps me to know how to respond, when I see the evidence on the scene.

So, what should you do if you see the clue? Great question! Personally, I would ask "perfect love" (1 John 4:18) or the Eternal Sheriff to join you on the scene, so that the enemy can be captured or flee from the scene in desperation. Remember, when "perfect love" shows up, the enemy will be dealt with, one way or another. My encouragement to you all, is when you see the evidence at the crime scene, your first call should be for the Eternal Sheriff, for HE carries a very big stick!

As I finish up these thoughts today, I paused for a moment and prayed, that you would be fully aware when the enemy is near, that you would not be paralyzed in the moment, but know how to respond. For when "perfect love" shows up, the crime scene changes dramatically!

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Pete Austin
Pete Austin
Apr 08

Line upon line... every time I encounter James he has a useful word. I am now better equipped to be on the lookout for, and better recognize "fear residue". It's so comforting to know God has my back, even in hard times. Even when the enemy tries to obscure His existence.

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